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Machine gearbox manufacturers transmission gear box manufacturer for Agricultural

1. The structure scheme, appearance diagram and other attached diagrams in sample are examples,
there is no strict proportion requirement. If you need exact dimension of certain types, please contact
our sales dept.. (The unmarked dimension units are mm).
2. Gear unit has been tested before delivered, users should add lubrication oil before running.
3. We can only refer to the marked oil in the mannul. Actual oil filling level should be the same with
the mark on oil immersion lens.
4. Lubrication oil viscosity should be selected according to working conditions and ambient
5. To prevent accidents, all the rotation parts should be added with protective covers according to
safety regulation of the nation and region.
6. The solid shaft input structure gear unit is not equipped with any motor.
7. Motors of Y series are supplied with protection grade of IP54 unless otherwise specified.
8. Unless otherwise specified, you will receive the terminal box at 0°.
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