gearbox for agricultural machinery


Product Description
Agricultural Gearbox for Rotary Tiller
mini garden tractor gearbox for agricultural machinery farm equipment power tiller. 3, With the 180 degrees rotating, the gearbox driven pto rotary tiller is perfect used in the paddy field, orchard, vegetable plot and tobacco field, greenhouses,
mountains,hills and small plots fields, etc.
Variety Material Available
Alloy steel, Casting, die casting,Aluminum,Brass, Zinc alloy,POM,plastic,Stainless steel, Iron or per your demand.
Machining Processing
Forging/casting; Turning;Broaching;Teeth hobbing; Teeth burnishing;Teeth sloting;Teeth grinding; Heating treatment;
Heat Treatment
carbonitriding;carburization;nitridation; vacuum quenching;frequency quenching;tempering
Surface Treatment
Blackening;Oxidation;electrophoresis;Powder coating;phosphorization
ISO9001-2015 Certification; 100% responsible for your orders.

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