Agricultural Tractor Part Gear Box


* Durable Protection: Fits most light duty rotary cutter machines that require shear pin protection and includes 5 replacement shear bolts to add to your rotary kit.

* RC 30 Series Gearbox, 40hp Rated, 1-3/8″ SB input, 1-1/2″ X 12 Spline Output. 1:1.47 Ratio Replace your broken rotary cutter gearbox with this replacement unit.

* These gearboxes have been used by Worksaver, HawkLine, International, WAC, Big Bee, LMC, King Kutter, Midwest, Servis, Bush Hog, some Howse and many more.

* Note: Actual Gearbox may have a rounded housing or square as shown, depending on current availability, all internal parts are interchangeable and specifications for both boxes are identical! This gearbox features a 1:1.47 Speed Up gear ratio for use on 5′ and larger diameter rotary cutters. Industry standard 1-3/8″ smooth diameter input shaft with 1/2″ shear bolt hole and retaining ring groove and 1.57″ diameter 12 tapered spline output shaft allow fitment to most light, standard and medium duty rotary cutters. Each gearbox features high speed ball bearing units and heat treated gears and shafts to ensure long life. Four bolt mounting matches industry standards. Each gearbox includes blade carrier mounting nut and cotter pin. Gearboxes are shipped dry and require 16 ounces of 80-90W gearlube or equivalent.

* Disclaimer: Any and all Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) tradenames, trademarks, drawings, colors, descriptive information and part numbers are used for parts identification purposes only, and ever-power is in no way implying that any specific parts are OEM parts. Further, any use of the OEM’s tradenames, trademarks, drawings or part numbers by DN is designed only to aid DN’s customers, in obtaining the proper DN part or component which will replace the OEM’s part.
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