NMRV-100 Manufacturing plant  Ratio 60 Speed Reducer Worm Gear Box Worm gearbox

Services & Quality controlWe provide comprehensive drawings and supply every time essential. Our organization pays particular attention to customers’ demands, listening to the distinct needs of each and every consumer and guaranteeing overall satisfaction. Our AdvantagesProducts Large volume in Inventory, No MOQ required We comply with all the intercontinental requirements, these kinds of as ISO9001 and TS16949 standards.


Quick Specifics

Relevant Industries:

Strength amp Mining

Gearing Arrangement:


Output Torque:


Input Velocity:


Output Pace:


Location of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Product identify:

Velocity gearbox


7.five,ten,fifteen,twenty,twenty five,thirty,40,50,60,eighty,100.

Provide Capability

Source Ability:
ten thousand Established/Sets per Month

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Packaging Specifics
normal export packing

On the internet Customization


Item Description


We produce WP collection and RV collection worm pace reducer,Solitary ,double and universal velocity reducer.

one nbsp Higher quality, It adopts difficult tooth equipment with substantial precision

2 nbsp Big output torque,secure transmission with decrease sounds

3 nbsp Large warmth-radiating effectiveness,elegant shape,sturdy provider existence 4,Ideal for omni-bearing installation

5 nbsp Low noise and smooth operating

6 nbsp Worm drive makes use of hollow flank worm

7 nbsp Large loading capacity, low in temperature increase and the extended valuable daily life

eight nbsp Handful of difference amongst transmission ratio price, I = six~13800

nine nbsp Compact construction, small dimensions, hassle-free upkeep

10 Are based mostly the distinctive modulation mixture program, so its handy for them to suit all varieties of motors or to connect with other electrical power input. The exact same kind of reducer can suit motors with various power, so that its possible for diverse types of equipment to combine or hook up.


nbsp The gearboxes can be utilized to several industrial spot, such as Metallurgical, mines, lifting, transportation, petrochemical, construction, textile, pharmaceutical, meals, environmental, light-weight electrical, plastic machine, paper, parking products and so on. Our complex engineers can decide on design for you in accordance to your Request, and we also can source our factory catalogue for your reference.


Item nbspsummary nbsp nbsp nbsp NMRV nbspseries nbspworm nbspgear nbspreducer nbspis nbspa nbspnew nbspgeneration nbspof nbspproducts nbspcombining nbspthe nbspinternational nbspadvanced nbsptechnology nbspbased nbspon nbspthe nbsporiginal nbspWP nbspseries nbspproducts.It adopts nbspadvanced nbspsquare nbspbox nbspstructure,higher nbspquality nbspdie-casted nbspAluminum nbspalloy.It nbsphas nbspsmall nbspvolume,gentle nbspweight,large nbspstrength,heat nbspdissipation,desirable nbspand nbspdurable.

The nbspreducer nbsphas nbspbig nbspoutput nbsptorque,smooth nbsptransmission nbspand nbsplow nbspnoise.It adopts nbspall-closed nbspstructure,excellent nbspsealing,totally free nbspof nbspmaintenance,can nbspadapt nbspto nbspcomprehensive nbspinstallation


Worm nbspGear nbspSpeed nbspReducer/ nbspgearbox nbsp


NMRV25/30/40/50/63/75/ninety/a hundred/one hundred thirty/a hundred and fifty


seven.5,10,fifteen,20,25,thirty,forty,fifty,sixty,80,a hundred.


Blue(RAL5010)/Silver nbspgrey nbsp(RAL9006) nbspOr nbspOn nbspCustomer nbspRequest


Aluminum nbspalloy

Worm nbspwheel: nbspAluminum nbspBronze nbspor nbspZinc nbspBronze

Worm nbspshaft: nbsp20CrMn nbspTi

Output nbspShaft: nbspsteel-45#


Carton, nbspHoney nbspComb nbspCarton, nbspWooden nbspCase nbspwith nbspwooden nbsppallet


one nbspYear

Input nbspPower

.09kw,.18kw,1.1KW,1.5KW,two.2KW,3KW,4KW,5.5KW,7.5KW,11Kw nbspand nbspso nbspon


Industrial nbspMachine: nbspFood nbspStuff, nbspCeramics, nbspCHEMICAL, nbspPacking,

nbspDyeing,Wood nbspworking, nbspGlass.

IEC nbspFlange

IEC nbspstandard nbspflange nbspor nbspon nbspcustomer nbsprequest


Artificial nbspoil nbspor nbspworm nbspgear nbspoil

Solution Types


Organization Introduction





one. Q: What’s nbsptype of your organization.

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbspA: We are maker.

nbsp2. Q: what should I give when I select gearbox/speed reducer?

nbsp nbsp nbspA: 1) load situation

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp2) pace of rotation or speed ratio(blend with merge pace reducer can get further lower out placing rotational pace)

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp3) work circumstance(temperature, humidty,corrosion and so forth.)

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp4) space of installation

three. nbspQ: nbspHow nbsplong nbspdose nbspit nbsptake nbspto nbspfinish nbspmy nbsporder?

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbspA: nbspIt nbspdepends nbspon nbspyour nbspquantity. nbspGenerally nbsp25days nbspfor nbspone nbsp20GP, nbsp35days nbspfor nbspone nbsp40HQ.

four. Q: How nbspcan nbspi nbspknow nbspthe nbspprocess nbspof nbspmy nbsporder?

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbspA: nbspDetailed nbsppicture nbspof nbspthe nbspproduction nbspprocess nbspwill nbspbe nbspsent nbspto nbspyou nbspto nbspconfirm nbspbefore nbspshipping. nbsp

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Consummation nbspQC nbspsystem nbspmakes nbspit nbsppossible nbspto nbspoffer nbspyou nbspreliable nbspquality



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